Client: Payrize

Project: Logo and website design

Brief: To design both a logo and website designs for a comparison website for the contractor market. A service providing contractors on which umbrella company to use, when contracting.

Agency: Denetica

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Client: EcoSigns

Project: Brochure

Brief: To produce and design a full brochure/catelog for health and saftey signage manufacturer based in swindon, specialising in the building industry trade. Listing all sign designs and sizes available.

Agency: Freelance

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Client: Mangat Studios

Project: Logo and Business Card Design

Brief: To design and produce a logo and Business card for a new start-up Interior designer.

Agency: Freelance

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Client: Brazil Oil

Project: Logo design concept

Brief: Concept logo design for a new company, based in Brazil.


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Professional Representation Network


Client: Professional Rep

Project: Logo and website design

Brief: Logo design, and to produce all marketing material, from guides to detailed in-country literature for contractors who work abroad.

Agency: Blackstone

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Client: Rousseau International

Project: CITY AM Advertisement

Brief: To design and produce a front page advertisement, displayed on the front of a well known london based daily newspaper, targeting high earning contractors.

Agency: Blackstone

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Client: Barratt Homes via EcoSigns Ltd

Project: Signage Toolkit brochure

Brief: To produce a signage toolkit for nation wide property developer Barratt Homes. The toolkit is to act as a guide to enable Barratt marketing teams at various new property development locations, help pick which signage they would like for their development, from marketing suites, demonstrator homes, and hoarding. By having a toolkit to work from, brand consistency is maintained (although there were exceptions at some sites for specific themed sub branded developments). The ordering of signage would then be easily communicated back to the signage manufacturers for production and installation. A similar Toolkit was also requireed and created for sister brand David Wilson Homes

Agency: Freelance/EcoSigns Ltd

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Client: International Travel Insurance Journal / Voyageur Publishing

Project: Produce a monthly Travel Insurance Printed and online Journal

Brief: Working with dedicated professional journalists, copywriters and web teams, to produce both printed and online journal, for the travel insurance industry globally. Covering current industry news and debate; working to tight print deadlines. Also designing bespoke marketing and event exhibition display and signage, for several global events.

Agency: V-Creative Design / Voyageur Publishing

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Client: Alliance Pharmacy

Project: Full Stage Set Graphics

Brief: To create a striking design and then produce and manufacturer fully printed stage set graphics. Using various professional industry tools and materials. Enabling easy construction and on-site assemble, in the form of tiled printed and laminated boards, which can also be easily transported.

Agency: S.Commercial

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AirMed & Rescue

Client: Waypoint Airmed and Rescue Magazine / Voyageur Publishing

Project: Produce a monthly glossy magazine

Brief: Working with dedicated professional journalists, copywriters and web teams, to produce both printed and online magazine, for the air med and rescue industry globally. Covering current industry news and debate, to the types of aircraft and equipment used; and working to tight print deadlines.

Agency:V-Creative Design / Voyageur Publishing

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Booker Prize
for Excellence

Client: Booker Wholesale, United Kingdom

Project: Cirque du Soleil themed awards event, Millbrook, Bedford United Kingdom.

Brief: Using the following applications, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Quark Xpress and Adobe Acrobat to create & design the main event themed logo and graphics for all printed items, such as event literature, Entry forms, Invitations, Certificates, Menus, Internal and External Signage for big brand sponsors and main event themed graphics (Banners, Wide format posters & Pop-up systems), design of the winners glass trophies. Also created and produced all of the screen based presentation graphics, using PowerPoint and Photoshop.

Agency: S.Commercial

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Client: Fresh Clinics Ltd, Clifton, Bristol

Project: Create a new brand and Identity for a new non-surgical cosmetic clinic in Clifton, Bristol.

Brief: Starting with Illustrator, to create & design a Logo and identity which would be echoed throughout the clinic, literature, stationery, leaflet, treatment forms and advertising marketing campaigns for both e-mail and locally distributed magazines using both Adobe Photoshop and Quark Xpress. I also designed the overall look of exterior and interior signage throughout the clinic using both vinyl graphics and 3D brushed aluminum. Several plasma flat screen televisions were set-up in the client waiting areas displaying a rolling presentation about the clinic and products available using Microsoft PowerPoint. Designing of the main website was also required, showing all treatments available, offers and the qualified staff.

Agency: Denetica

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Prime Minister's
Crime Pledge

Client: No.10 Downing Street, HM Government

Project: To design and create full stage and lectern graphics for the Prime Minister, The Rt Hon Tony Blair, for a high profile, nationally televised media broadcast, crime pledge speech at the Wills Memorial Building, Bristol.

Brief: Using together both Adobe Illustrator and Quark Xpress software packages to design the main stage graphics, printed onto a large wide format banner. Liase with a third party supplier wo produce a 5 metre wide digitally print banner. To also create the main stage lectern front panel graphic, displaying the same themed graphics and key event logos. Although the main stage banner graphic was out-sourced to a specialised large scale printing manufacturer, I personally manufactured the Lectern graphic, using a in-house large wide format printer and laminator.

Agency: S.Commercial

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Reed Morgan

Client: Reed Morgan Ltd, London, United Kingdom

Project: Logo and identity design, including: stationery, literature and website design.

Brief: Initially to design a logo using Adobe Illustrator, and create an identity throughout all areas of the design process for stationery and supporting literture using Quark Xpress and Adobe photoshop for the website design visuals ready for developing, I sourced imagery from stock imagery websites and liaised with the developer over seeing the project to the very end.

Agency: Denetica

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Client: BMW, United Kingdom

Project: Design all event themed signage and stationery for a national conference held at the Celtic Manor Resort.

Brief: To design all event collateral marketing materials based around a themed message and imagery, such as, programme agenda guide, bespoke signage and banners displaying event themeing and sponsors for the event, delegate folder packs, name badges, menus and complete Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for all of the presenters. Following strict BMW brand guidelines.

Agency: S.Commercial

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Von Essen

Client: Von Essen Group, Geneva, Switzerland

Project: To design and create a prestige brand, targeting the high earning contractors market.

Brief: To design logo and all company stationery, literature, brochures, welcome packs, website and marketing material and campaigns. Conveying a luxury and established brand. All imagery is bespoke and sourced from a outsourced supplier, tasked to provide imagery that demonstrated a global brand and a desirable lifestyle. Due to the nature of the business, sales and marketing needs were required on a day-to-day basis, including marketing information packs, In-country guide literature, forms, exhibition roller banner and pop-up displays for networking events.

Agency: Denetica

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Road Safety

Client: Think! / Bristol City Council Bristol, United Kingdom

Project: Design an advertisement poster to be displayed on local public transport.

Brief: To design a correx printed poster for Bristol City Coucil, which would appear on the majority of the city's central bus network during the christmas and festive period. Targeting key bus journey routes around the city centre with the aim to attract specific audiences around the busy pubs, bars and clubs. Simply conveying a strong message using bold, strong type and imagery, to support the national drink driving campaign.

This design and campaign was used for two consecutive years running by Bristol City Council.

Agency: S.Commercial

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Client: Bristol Inner City Advanced Development Centre

Project: Logo and identity design

Brief: Creating a logo/brand for a new grass roots football Team, within the inner city of Bristol, specialising in developing individual skills at all levels and age, with the aim of getting players signed up to professional league clubs. The logo had to be bold and strong competing for the attention of the best talent amongst the ever rising of new amateur football club leagues.

Agency: Freelance

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Aston Mae

Client: Aston Mae

Project: Design a Responsive Website

Brief: I originally designed the company logo and and produced all of the many designed documents and literature. I also designed the first version of the website. I was asked again to design a new bigger website multi page 'brochure' style responsive website for the swiss based company. Responsible for imagery and graphical icons, working along side a copy writer and liasing directly with a .NET developer. Intially creating various visuals for key stakeholders and directors for approval, then designing full website pages to then supply various web ready graphics and imagery for the developer over seeing the whole project.

Agency: Blackstone Research and Development Ltd

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Gurt Books

Client: Gurt Books Publishing - The Undiscovered Philanthropist

Projects: Book Front Cover, Arranging Photographer

Brief: Produce a stiking cover for a book fulfilling the authors message/vision. For both printed books and on-line ebooks/epubs, such as amazon and google and ibooks. I achieved this working alongside a professional photographer and the books author.

Agency: Freelance

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Client: Rousseau Associates

Project: Logo and Website Design

Brief: Initially create a company logo and produce various business stationery. To also design a responsive website for a financial based company, liasing with a developer overseing the whole project.

Agency: Blackstone Research and Development Ltd

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Client: Procorre

Projects: Logo, Branding, Iconography, Stationery, Forms, Documents, and Literature design. Including HTML/CSS Reponsive E-mail marketing campaigns design and development and Website CMS.

Achievements: Intially to create a logo/brand for a international company. Speciliaising in solutions for helping contractors working abroad. Daily briefs and tasks supporting the marketing team with a wealth of marketing collateral, consisting of; Digital onboarding forms and legal documentation documents, In-country guide(s) literature, White Papers, B2B Brochures for recruitment agencies. Producing social content such as web ready imagery and graphics. Digital advertising banners (animated GIF graphics). Designing and producing responsive HTML/CCS E-mail marketing campaigns and Newsletters, incorporating google analytics tracking users, which would help us to improve and better engaging content. Exhibition banners and signage was also produced for networking events.

Agency: Blackstone Research and Development Ltd

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Client: GreenShear, Worcester, United Kingdom

Link: www.greenshear.co.uk

Project: Design and build a logo and website for a midlands based company specialising in high output,
specialist machinery and plant for tree and vegetation removal.

Brief: After intial logo and website designs, using adobe photoshop; I used then used HTML & CSS mark-up to develop the website. The website also features a Youtube video to demonstrate machinery in action and an image gallery slide show, which uses jquery to automatically cycle through a series of images provided by the client.

Agency: Freelance

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Client: Dynamic Umbrella Ltd, Swindon, United Kingdom

Link: www.dynamicumbrella.com

Project: New business start-up, to design logo and develop an identity, design and produce stationery and website.

Brief: Intially tasked with the design of the logo and develop an identity throughout all stationery, marketing literature, support documentation and bespoke designed welcome pack folder. To design and build entire website starting with visuals and devloping the web site using HTML, CSS and JQuery. Imagery was sourced from image stock web sites. Recently the business has expanded it's market place and the website needed to reflect this to allow for two types of visitor, either businesses or contractors. The website has also joined social networks with the introduction of links to facebook and twitter to help raise awareness. Google analytics has also been applied and implemented to observe the many useful statistics such as reporting the amount of visits to the website.

Agency: Freelance

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Client: AMGS Electrical Ltd, Hanham, Bristol

Link: www.amgselectrical.co.uk

Project: Website Design and Development, for a local electrical company specialising in electrical installations for garage forecourts, including domestic and industrial services.

Brief: After gathering content and professionally taken photographs, I initially designed all of the website, using Photoshop, once the designs were signed off and agreed by the companies director and sales manager, I then developed the website using HTML and CSS mark-up, and jquery for an animated hero displaying work completed for their high profile clients in the automotive fuel industry, such as BP and Shell.

Agency: Freelance

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Client: DS Photography

Project: Website Development

Brief: Design and Develop website, for a London and Bristol based Professional Photographer, who's ups is to come you as a mobile , portrait, fashion, model and wedding photographer. Developed using HTML and CSS mark-up; using jquery for the animated hero carousel and lightbox for enlarging images. Complete with a PHP form on the contact page for booking enquiries.

Agency: Freelance

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Client: Bonehill Construction & Contracting

Link: www.bonehillcc.com

Project: Design and develop Website for family construction based business

Brief: To design and develop a website for a long ran family construction and contracting business based in the worcestershire. The purpose for the website is to display previous jobs and projects worked on. Ranging from projecting managing complete building projects to large scale specialist landscaping, the website offers a contact form page, using PHP.

Agency: Freelance

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Client: Absolute Butlers

Link: www.absolutebutlers.com

Project: To design and create a website for an entrepreneur.

Brief: To design and create a website with a classy look and feel for a 'butlers in the buff' entertainment business. targeting hen and birthday parties. This website offered a contact form page, using PHP.

Agency: Freelance

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Client: Ashton Motorcare

Link: www.ashtonmotorcare.co.uk

Project: Design and develop a responsive website.

Brief: A regular client, requiring a website overhaul for their motor mechanic and repair business. With the requirement of having a website that was responsive, for mobile and table based devices.

Agency: Freelance

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William Morgan

Client: William Morgan SAAB

Link: william-morgan-saab.co.uk

Project: Website design and Develop

Brief: Design and develop a new Website for a car repair garage specialising in the car manufacturer SAAB. I met at regular intervals with the client keeping them in the picture every step of the way. I also helped the client with the set-up of hosting of their website.

Agency: Freelance

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Client: Macrail

Project: Macrail, Weston Super Mare, Somerset

Brief: Over two month period, I was contracted to design and refresh the UI of the companies core business product - back-end I.T. realtime, on-line reporting system, developed to manage the tracking of all major projects carried out on the rail network for Network Rail nationally, working with large contractors such as, Colas Rail, Amey, Babcock Rail, Balfour Beatty, Carillian to name but a few . Tracking key important data 24/7 365 days a year, from a rail contractors time working a shift, to the weather conditions, to specialist machinery used to complete repair works on the railway. I also played a major part in development of the UX. I reported to directors and key stakeholders, working closely with a team of programme developers. With the end goal in developing a system that could be used for other similar industry activites.

Agency: Freelance/Contract

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Procorre Accounting Portal App

Client: Procorre

Project: Create the UI and help with the UX design for an online/app accounting portal for consultants and contractors

Brief: To design all user interface visuals for both the desktop and mobile user experience; for a custom built accounting software portal for consultants and contractors, with the aim of making accounting easier for both in the office or on the move use. To work and liaise with third party developers based in India, working from wireframes (Balsamiq) detailed descriptions provided from digital, marketing and accounting teams.

Agency: Blackstone Research and Development

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Welcome to my web site, providing examples of my work from my portfolio.

I am a creative graphic & website designer, specialising in logo design, corporate branding; designing branded items, such as brochures to pop-up exhibition graphics, business stationery to website UI & UX visual, digital design and development.

I have worked on various projects spanning 15 years that I have been in the industry, from blue chip corporations, government, councils and small businesses to charity and local sport organisations.

Please take a look around my site to get a little taste of what I have achieved, throughout my career so far. Remember to click on the blue buttons to reveal more information about each of the projects.

This website was created by myself and is fully responsive for various devices using the Bootstrap framework.


View some of my work in a video showreel on Youtube. Running Time approx 1:12.



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